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For more than 50 years, Lugina has stood together with the WALDLAEUFER brand for contemporary and functional footwear. As a company steeped in tradition already into its third generation, we aspire to be a leading manufacturer in the comfort shoe industry. The recipe for our success is distinct awareness of high-quality materials, flexible fits and clever design. We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern and environmentally friendly techniques which have constantly developed over time. In this way, high-quality shoes are created which offer the wearer sustainably produced quality. The successful combination of fashion and comfort is the secret behind WALDLAEUFER’s success. With a wide range of stylish models, every season sees WALDLAEUFER satisfying the most discerning of tastes in terms of design and creativity.

Products and services

The WALDLÄUFER collection stands out with its trendy sophistication and functionality providing highest walking bliss. All models manufactured from particularly high-grade leather are available in the comfort widths G, H, K and M. Extra comfort is provided by snug heel fittings and the air cushion sole with its shock-absorbing properties. A standard feature of all WALDLÄUFER styles is the removable footbed which allows the use of customized orthotics.


The Hanako in h-width feature a non-slip TR-sole, check pattern and a sparkling welt. Check patterns are very trendy throughout fall and winter. Thanks to their unlimited combination possibilities, they never go out of style.


Fashion, style and comfort go hand in hand with the H-Diana ankle boot. The soft leather gently molts to the feet, while the subtle PU wedge enables carefree walking comfort. Elasticated finger-loops and zippers facilitate putting it on and taking it of.


The H-Jasmin ankle boot provides safe grip with its non-slip "wellfeet" sole,
while its thicker inner lining keeps the feet warm and thermal.Its sparkling bootleg, which is made of soft textile, and the stylish eyelets and laces complete its well-balanced design. The zipper on the inside makes it easy to put on and take off the shoe.

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